The big old TripAdvisor debate!

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Many accommodation providers absolutely despise TripAdvisor and to a certain extent justifiably so. You may have your own reasons why you hate TripAdvisor but the fact remains, they are the UK’s most visited travel website. In the past 3 years TripAdvisor has made a shift away from only being a reviews website. With the introduction of TripConnect and now their own commission based booking service they are sure to dominate the online travel agent (OTA) space.

Image provided by tnooz

Image provided by tnooz

According to Hitwise, a division of Experian Marketing Services, in Oct 2015 TripAdvisor received 74 million visitors to their website. This is double compared to the next busiest website who had just over 38 million visitors.

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It is reasonable to say, as an accommodation provider, that you may not like TripAdvisor but if you don’t actively manage your listing or look at other marketing opportunities with TripAdvisor that you are definitely missing out on a massive amount of exposure for your business.

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On March 2, 2016

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