Should I really spend money on a new website?

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Has your website been updated in last 3 years?

If not the chances are that your current website is not fully mobile responsive. The information and/or pictures are probably out of date. Most importantly, your competition down the road more than likely has website that is mobile friendly and is in line with today’s modern design features showcasing their rooms with up to date photographs and information.

Day in day out we speak to property owners that don’t want to invest in upgrading their own website. Now imagine this. You go to the local shopping center and there are a number of shops that are displaying ‘last seasons’ stock. Would you visit those shops? Probably not.

With over 70% of your potential customers now using the internet to find out about your business, your website is your shop front and it needs look attractive and should be displaying up to date information and photographs of your business. Your business may only operate at certain hours during the day but in reality your website is visible 24/7.

You can even go as far as comparing your website with being an employee.

It never sleeps, never eats and speaks to your customers all day long promoting your business. The difference is that this employee can talk to hundreds of your customers a day and it can speak to them all at once.

As an accommodation provider you work really hard. Long hours. Your rooms are cleaned daily and you take real pride in the appearance of your establishment. This should be the same with your website.

The simple answer is “YES”! You should factor in a new website design at least every 3 years.

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On February 27, 2016

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