How important is it to have a ‘mobile friendly’ website?

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Statistics provided by Ofcom  from 2015 demonstrate that 66% of the adult population in the UK own a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Now more than ever it’s important that websites should be optimised for mobile devices. The reason is pretty simple – mobile optimisation can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement. It will without a doubt give you an edge over the competition, too.

Mobile Friendly Check

You don’t need to speak to a web guru to figure out if your website is mobile friendly or not. Just hop onto your smartphone and open your website on the internet browser then answer the following questions –

• Is the information easy to read without having to zoom in?
• Is it easy to navigate?
• Is it easy to recognise and activate the call to action?
• Does it provide a good user experience?
• Is it a website you would spend time if it was not your own?

If you mostly answered “no”, then it’s time to optimise your website and make it mobile friendly so that you can capture the traffic and sales you’ve been missing out on.

So what happens if you don’t have a smartphone or you’re not sure if your website is mobile or not? That’s easy. Contact us and we’ll do a quick analysis of your website and send you some feedback.

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On April 12, 2016

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